Dec 10 2013 8:24 AM

9 October 2015 - Summer fun is still on in Jamaica, with sunbathing temperatures still climbing and picturesque beaches open year round. It’s a great time of year to spend quality family time,making the most of low season rates typically lower hotel occupancy in the Fall months. These family experiences are perfect for adults and children of all ages, with activities for the young and young at heart.

Holywell Recreational Park
Housing a third of Jamaica’s national forests and home to a wide range of endemic species is the Holywell Recreational Park, just 90 minutes from Jamaica’s capital. Ascend the mountain through winding roads while witnessing the uniquely laid out vegetation and basking in the cool mountain air. With numerous activities available such as bird-watching and hiking, Holywell allows you to experience a different side of Jamaica. Come inhale the fresh fragrance of the mountain while the mist kisses your face as you overlook the beauty of Jamaica only seen in pictures.

Devon House Heritage Site
The home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, known for its famous ice-cream brand that even earned recognition by National Geographic, the Devon House Heritage Site is one of Jamaica’s famous landmarks. Come have a picnic under the branches of centuries old fruit trees, or take a tour of the Georgian mansion. Mounted in the nation’s capital Kingston, Devon House is a multifaceted attraction, housing restaurants of varying cuisines, a bar and café, clothing stores, bakery, galleries and souvenir stores.

YS Falls
Located off the beaten path in St Elizabeth, YS Falls is another treasured Jamaican attraction. With its seven tiered cascading waterfall, its swimming pool fit for relaxation, tractor drive to and from the falls, gift shops and service oriented staff, you can easily send an entire day here without realizing.
Surrounded by lush forest, visiting YS Falls is a trip worth taking as the experience of being surrounded by nature begins from the moment of travel up until you have left. Located on the quieter side of Jamaica, YS Falls is fit for families, couples and large groups with a spacious yet intimate environment. YS Falls is also surrounded by other unique attractions such as the Black River Safari and Lover’s Leap, making Jamaica’s south coast ideal for an active day trip or a well spent stay.